How To Spruce Up the Office Breakroom, Food

Almost every company has at least one area where employees can get away from their desks during breaks. It’s important to make these spaces welcoming and comfortable. If your breakroom needs a spruce, here are there ways you can do it.


The breakroom is more than just an area to plug in the coffee pot. It’s probably the place that a lot of employees would like to go to enjoy lunch with colleagues. To encourage this behavior, consider offering prepared foods from a Pittsburgh area commissary. Supply the room with disposable flatware or, for a greener option, reusable knives, forks and spoons that they can wash in the sink.


The comfort level of the breakroom can have an effect on how eager people are to hang out in there. For example, if you only have a couple of hard chairs and a small table in the middle of the room, this sends the message that the space is not really for lingering. However, if you have enough seating for several people or if you add a small loveseat and coffee table, employees are more likely to utilize the room as it is intended.


A few little extras can go a long way. Consider mounting a television on the wall so that employees can catch up on the news or watch a sitcom during their lunch break. You can start a little free library in the corner where people can exchange books for ones they haven’t read. Add plants or decorations to make the space feel homier.

You don’t have to break the budget to make your office breakroom a place where people actually want to congregate. Consider adding a few things that would make the space more inviting, and you may be surprised what a positive response you get.