Lebanese food, the best Lebanese dishes

Popular Lebanese food:

Lebanese food

Lebanon is a small country in the middle east located off of the Mediterranean sea . Beirut ,its capital is known as the Paris of the Middle East because of its beauty.  Meanwhile, the delicious and delectable food that forms a huge part of the cultural attention and of course we have to try it . Food has a significant role in the culture of all societies, but in Lebanon it has affected all aspects of one’s life . There have been various guidelines for cooking over the years, but the interesting point is the globalization of Lebanese food . Some countries have similar food to Lebanese food, but the taste is quite different in Beirut.  people in Lebanon cook most of their dishes with olive oil so they are low in saturated fat and reduce the risk of heart disease ,cancer and stroke . Other ingredients abundantly found in Lebanese foods include grains, garlic ,parsley and mint .

Baklava :

Lebanese food

Baklava in one of the popular desserts made from phyllo dough ,nuts (cashews ,almonds ,pine nuts ,walnut and pistachios)and steeped in syrup of rose water ,orange blossom water ,sugar and water . Baklava is cut into different shapes like square,diamond,rectangular and triangular . Tripoli city in Lebanon is quite famous for Baklava products. The exact origin of this scrumptious delicacy remains divisive even today . Many ethnic groups like Turkish ,Middle Easterners and Greek claim it to be their own and also prepare this dessert in their own way .

Farrouj meshwi :

Farrouj meshwi is a kind of Lebanese chicken food . This authentic Lebanese dish should be cooked by charcoal and it has to be slightly juicy and then flavored with lemon and sumac . A delicious and popular food that is famous in the Arab countries,but you should know that its origin is Lebanese.

The best Lebanese food :


This is a delicious Lebanese food that is made from chicken wings.  to cook thus dish chicken wings are flavored with plenty of sumac and lemon juice and cooked or fried in oil and served with chopped tomatoes . The secret of the good taste of this dish is chopped lemon peel,cloves and coriander leaves. Head to Lebanon and try these delectable grilled chicken wings by rec tec vs traeger.

Loubyeh b’zeit ,green been stew :

Been stew or olive green bean stew is a Lebanese specialty stew . Other ingredients in this delicious food is tomato and onion.  some people plant beans in the pot and then use the fresh green beans in their stews .

Fish rice and nuts :

Lebanese have food made with fresh fish ,and fish is a major ingredient in this dish . And also this food made with crushed rice that is cooked with almonds and nuts and then decorated with fish pieces.  this Lebanese dish is very tasty and has become popular with foreign tourists coming to Lebanon.

Lebanese food :

Manakeesh :

Manakeesh is made of flatbread,which is covered with a variety of toppings and a popular dish of Lebanon.  Zataar Manakeesh is a common variety,which is spread with various aromatic ingredients like wild thyme ,sesame seeds ,olive oil and culinary sumac before baking it . These breads are eaten for lunch or breakfast.  Many communities in Lebanon have bakeries that specialize in this dish . Besides zataar ,meat and cheese are other common topping used .

Rice :

Lebanese food

Rice is a major crops in the middle east and Lebanese know very well how to cook delicious rice . In Lebanon it is common to add fried vermicelli to rice and serve it with delicious Lebanese meat dishes.

Lebanon, apart from its many tourist attractions ,is a country full of delicious foods and pastries and local food . It’s good to know that some of these foods are common in other countries, specially in Arab countries but their origin is attributed to Lebanon.  Hope you enjoy this .

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